This blog is a way for me to collect interesting stuff into one place. I'm not planning on making this a confession booth of any sort, just post random interesting web sites if I feel the need to comment on them (otherwise I just add them to my page) and comment on other stuff that is worth it (books, TV programs, games, CD's etc).

Knowing myself I doubt I will be updating this too often but we'll see...

New DVD collection

Other content in sofistes.netPosted by Marko Poutiainen Wednesday, December 03 2008 15:13:29
I changed the DVD web interface to phpmyprofiler, because the older interface isn't updated any more. This looks a lot nicer than the old one and has some nifty features. Setting this up wasn't much of a task, either. Have a look at the actor pages, for instance.

Here's the collection, it now includes Mari's DVD's as well.

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DVD collection

Other content in sofistes.netPosted by Marko Poutiainen Sunday, July 29 2007 00:17:16

Yay, I managed to get phpDVDProfiler to work. So naturally I had to upload my DVD collection to the site. Looks ok, although the skin could do with some improving. It didn't actually take that long to get it to work, including the nice graphics package (jpgraph). Check out "Site statistics" for what that does.

The review system is a bit weird. DVDProfiler only has two options, one is for the review of the movie and the other is for the entire package (extras etc). phpDVDProfiler on the other hand has four categories: movie, video, audio, extras. Hmm. Where am I supposed to review the other two, and why would I want to? I personally would be satisfied with two: score for the actual movie and the overall score for the DVD as some DVD's might have a great movie, but the actual DVD is crap (poor quality video&audio, no extras, like with the Cracker TV series).

So the "video" review in some movies refers to the the latter, because that's how the information was imported to the database.

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Other content in sofistes.netPosted by Marko Poutiainen Monday, July 16 2007 01:07:11

I visited Helsinki last week to see The Who in their last concert during their 06/07 tour. It was a great gig, unfortunately people weren't allowed to take pictures, but I later took some when walking around downtown Helsinki.

I also wrote a short review of the gig to RYM.

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Kärpät - 2007 Finnish icehockey champions

Other content in sofistes.netPosted by Marko Poutiainen Saturday, April 14 2007 20:18:53

Well, well. I wasn't too confident earlier about Kärpät's chances of winning the championship, but it's occasionally nice to be wrong. In fact, not only did Kärpät win it, they did it in some style. 10 games in the playoffs, 10 wins. And even though some matches looked even judging by the score, Kärpät was clearly the better side.

It will interesting to see what the team will look like next season as rumours are taking most of the star players elsewhere. Mika Pyörälä, first line left winger has already signed a contract with Timrå of the Swedish Elitserien and it is almost certain the playoffs' MVP Janne Pesonen will go to Anaheim. It is also quite possible that team captain Jari Viuhkola goes to Chicago and Viktor Ujcik moves back to Czech. Rumours are also abound that Kalle Sahlstedt might quit icehockey for good as his sone has been diagnosed with cancer and the very skillful Juha-Matti Aaltonen might also be headed for the NHL, to St Louis Blues. New crowd favourite Ross Lupaschuk's situation is also interesting, some sources claim he has already signed a contract with HIFK Helsinki, that is unless he moves to the NHL as he was excellent, especially during the playoffs.

So the CEO Juha Junno and the rest of the background staff need to work hard building a good team for next season as at least some of these rumours are bound to be true.

But for now it's just time to enjoy.

Blog Image

I had my camera with me on Thursday and managed some pictures. I actually took a lot of them but the lights etc. made it hard to get decent pictures. With shutter speeds of more than 1/100th of a second moving things get blurry. And the camera had trouble focusing on some shots. But thankfully with the so-called shotgun style (shoot loads) some pictures came out ok, at least after some post-processing. I had to do at least some minor adjustments to pretty much every image, at least adjusting the brightness with the Curves tool because the camera left most pictures quite dark.

I have to give the thumbs up for JAlbum once again. It has improved a lot since I last downloaded a version and has some new excellent skins, like the one I used (Chameleon). It doesn't get any easier than this. Some of the default settings are stupid, like the one where JAlbum wants to readjust my pictures and with the settings it uses (jpg compression rate etc) they end up looking quite horrible. So it's best to tell it to use the original pictures if you have already done the post-processing.

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DVD collection

Other content in sofistes.netPosted by Marko Poutiainen Saturday, January 20 2007 15:35:56

I just tested out a nice Firefox extension called DVDProfiler Companion (there is also a stand-alone version available). It creates a website from your DVDProfiler collection. Intervocative Software (makers of DVDProfiler) does offer you a place to keep your collection but unfortunately you only have about two different choices for the look (the one I selected is the better one..). The trick with the Companion is you can use the skin you use in DVDProfiler and there are lots of skins available at the Intervocative website.

I used a skin called Darkskin - English by story_teller I picked up from the DVDProfiler webpage and I think the result is pretty nice. There are a few small issues using the Companion, like the need to click each individual image that is part of the skin (totalling to quite a lot in this case) but overall it was smooth going. The images look crap because the unregistered version of DVDProfiler only support low resolution images. I really should register it as it's only $29,95..

Doug, the creator of the Companion has also written a nifty little application for DVDProfiler with which you can download IMDB cast and crew information directly into DVDProfiler, called DVDFolks. Makes entering those long lists a lot easier!

There are other interesting applications and even PHP enchanced skins available on Doug's website for DVDProfiler, maybe I'll try them out at some point.

Funnily enough this is categorised under "Stuff on the site" even though there are five links outside this site and just one to this site but this is about that one link. But this post is about that link rather than others.

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Initial stuff on this site

Other content in sofistes.netPosted by Marko Poutiainen Sunday, January 07 2007 19:10:18

I don't have a whole lot of stuff on this site but I did download some picture galleries.

Pictures from my trip around the world.

Pictures from my trip to Paris in the very hot summer of 2003.

Some pictures from the display that commemorated Oulu's 400th birthday. You can also check the official site for that display.

A few pictures from taken during the renovation of the icehockey arena right next door.

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