This blog is a way for me to collect interesting stuff into one place. I'm not planning on making this a confession booth of any sort, just post random interesting web sites if I feel the need to comment on them (otherwise I just add them to my page) and comment on other stuff that is worth it (books, TV programs, games, CD's etc).

Knowing myself I doubt I will be updating this too often but we'll see...

Other websites I'm involved with

Rest of the WebPosted by Marko Poutiainen Sunday, January 07 2007 20:10:38

Rate Your Music - a great place for music lovers. - I put my bookmarks here so I can easily access them everywhere.

LibraryThing - the ONLY place for book lovers. I haven't been paying too much attention to this site lately, though.

MobyGames - for anyone who plays electronic games.

DVDProfiler collection - a good place to store your DVD collection.

ToffeeWeb - a site I started around 1993 and run for a few years. But if it wasn't for Michael the site would have died a long time ago.

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