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Knowing myself I doubt I will be updating this too often but we'll see...

DVD collection

Other content in sofistes.netPosted by Marko Poutiainen Sunday, July 29 2007 00:17:16

Yay, I managed to get phpDVDProfiler to work. So naturally I had to upload my DVD collection to the site. Looks ok, although the skin could do with some improving. It didn't actually take that long to get it to work, including the nice graphics package (jpgraph). Check out "Site statistics" for what that does.

The review system is a bit weird. DVDProfiler only has two options, one is for the review of the movie and the other is for the entire package (extras etc). phpDVDProfiler on the other hand has four categories: movie, video, audio, extras. Hmm. Where am I supposed to review the other two, and why would I want to? I personally would be satisfied with two: score for the actual movie and the overall score for the DVD as some DVD's might have a great movie, but the actual DVD is crap (poor quality video&audio, no extras, like with the Cracker TV series).

So the "video" review in some movies refers to the the latter, because that's how the information was imported to the database.

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