This blog is a way for me to collect interesting stuff into one place. I'm not planning on making this a confession booth of any sort, just post random interesting web sites if I feel the need to comment on them (otherwise I just add them to my page) and comment on other stuff that is worth it (books, TV programs, games, CD's etc).

Knowing myself I doubt I will be updating this too often but we'll see...


Rest of the WebPosted by Marko Poutiainen Friday, February 29 2008 20:18:55

I wrote a review of Crackdown for XBox360 to MobyGames. Good game, especially when playing on a console.

Speaking of games, yahtzee's Zero Punctuation column at the Escapist Magazine is by far my favourite games reviewer. Maybe not the most accurate or punctual or factual of them, but definitely the funniest. He also manages to find the actual problems and strenghts of the games he reviews.

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