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The Who concert

MusicPosted by Marko Poutiainen Wednesday, February 14 2007 21:47:25

The Who is having a concert in Finland in July for the first time since the 60's and - remembering that both Townshend and Daltrey have quite a few miles in the clock - possibly the last so naturally I was at Lippupalvelu's website at 9:00am this morning.

I had the a ticket for the best places (in front of the stage) all but paid up when - bam - the bank system refused connection and I couldn't pay. So I had to start over the process and guess what? All the best places were taken. Now I have crappy seat I paid almost 80 euros for thanks to the bleeding bank.

Note to self: never trust a bank again. Pay with VISA.

Just to show how bad the seat is, here's an image of the arena:

Blog Image

My seat is in section 108 (stage is where it says "Lava"). My seat is in row 19, seat 11, see section 108 seating map (this image is too big to fit to this page). Almost top row and as far to the left as possible which means the angle is as small as possible.

I was so angry in the morning I nearly smashed my LCD screen.

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