This blog is a way for me to collect interesting stuff into one place. I'm not planning on making this a confession booth of any sort, just post random interesting web sites if I feel the need to comment on them (otherwise I just add them to my page) and comment on other stuff that is worth it (books, TV programs, games, CD's etc).

Knowing myself I doubt I will be updating this too often but we'll see...

Initial stuff on this site

Other content in sofistes.netPosted by Marko Poutiainen Sunday, January 07 2007 19:10:18

I don't have a whole lot of stuff on this site but I did download some picture galleries.

Pictures from my trip around the world.

Pictures from my trip to Paris in the very hot summer of 2003.

Some pictures from the display that commemorated Oulu's 400th birthday. You can also check the official site for that display.

A few pictures from taken during the renovation of the icehockey arena right next door.

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